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Thread: Disk Stats. - How do I change target partition?

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    Default Disk Stats. - How do I change target partition?

    My Zimbra is on a machine that boots from a single HDD but the mail store is on a mounted LVM partition sitting on top of a RAID array.

    The Disk Use stats shows me use for the boot drive. How can I change this to the mounted /opt/zimbra partition?

    I have looked at "zmprov GetAllConfig" and there does not seem to be a config parameter that would fit.

    Any Ideas

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    I am not infront of a Zimbra server but you could take a look at /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdisklog to see how it identifies the disks. Perhaps it is not picking up lvols.

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    The volume detection is by "mount -t ext3"

    On my machine this reports

    /dev/mapper/VGBootDrive-root on / type ext3 (rw)
    /dev/sda1 on /boot type ext3 (rw)
    /dev/mapper/VGRaid-mail on /mnt/raid/mail type ext3 (rw)
    /dev/mapper/VGBootDrive-install_media on /mnt/bootdrive/install_media type ext3 (rw)

    These are the boot drive (/), boot partition (non LVM) /boot and my raid mounted mail store (/mnt/raid/mail) respectively. /mnt/raid/mail is hard linked to /opt/zimbra

    Disk use is via "df -mlP"

    On my machine this reports

    /dev/mapper/VGBootDrive-root 77495 22492 51004 31% /
    /dev/sda1 99 42 52 45% /boot
    tmpfs 940 0 940 0% /dev/shm
    /dev/mapper/VGRaid-mail 100794 1553 95146 2% /mnt/raid/mail
    /dev/mapper/VGBootDrive-install_media 50397 5826 42011 13% /mnt/bootdrive/install_media

    The script takes the mounts line by line and splits them to get the mount point. It then does a regex on the df output to find the required line. This line is then split to get the required stats. My machine only reports disk use for the last line!

    Any pointers. The code looks good to my in-expert eye.

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    I modded /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmdisklog to just run the disk stats code as follows
    -Perl Code rendered as PHP
    PHP Code:
    # ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
    # Zimbra Collaboration Suite Server
    # Copyright (C) 2005, 2006, 2007 Zimbra, Inc.
    # The contents of this file are subject to the Yahoo! Public License
    # Version 1.0 ("License"); you may not use this file except in
    # compliance with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
    # Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
    # basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
    # ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

    use strict;

    my $TIMEOUT=60;
    my $MNTCMD;
    my $DFCMD;

    $MNTCMD "mount -t ext3";
    $DFCMD "df -mlP ";

    my $dt = `date "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"`;
    chomp $dt;

    my @mounts = ();
    open MOUNTS"$MNTCMD |" or die "Can't open $MNTCMD: $!";
    mounts = <MOUNTS>;
    close MOUNTS;
    my $m (@mounts) {
    chomp $m;
    my ($dev,undef,$mp) = split(/\s+/,$m);
    open DF"$DFCMD \"$dev\" | tail -1 |" or die "Can't open $DFCMD: $!";
    my @df = <DF>;
    close DF;
    my (undef$total$used$avail) = split(/\s+/, $df[0]);
    "total $total\n";
    "used $used\n";
    "avail $avail\n";
    my $pct=int(($used/$total)*100) if ($total 0);
    my $lvl "info";
    $lvl "err" if ($pct $DISK_WARN_THRESHOLD);
    $lvl "crit" if ($pct $DISK_CRIT_THRESHOLD);

    Unfortunately it worked perfectly and gave the following output

    total 77495
    used 22499
    avail 50997
    total 99
    used 42
    avail 52
    total 100794
    used 1553
    avail 95146
    total 50397
    used 5826
    avail 42011

    Any pointers welcome.


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