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Thread: OK To Use Non-Block Device for /opt/zimbra/backup?

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    Default OK To Use Non-Block Device for /opt/zimbra/backup?

    On all of our Zimbra servers we have to date used only "local" storage (i.e. block devices).

    A new customer for whom we are building a Zimbra system has requirements to keep backups for a long, long time.

    We are being tempted by some of the very inexpensive 2TB NAS appliances out there, and so are wondering if we can't mount a Samba or NFS share from one of those devices to /opt/zimbra/backup.

    As Dustin Hoffman was once asked: "Is it safe?"


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    I run my backups and mailstore to an NFS share on our storage node. Yes, I know it's not recommended (I assume speed is the concern. Not a problem here.) but I haven't had any issues (yet) with it, and there's I don't see any problems with the speed.

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