First a little about me - I have been a sysadmin for just over 10 years. While I have dabbled (lightly) with Linux and open-source I have always worked for Microsoft houses and in the name of 'integration' most Linux-based systems have been ruled out. While I am a big fan of open source software this has meant that my Linux experience was minimal with just a couple of LAMP servers and desktop deployments to my name during those times I wasn't fixing a Windows machine...

And now a little about my current situation - My current organisation hosts a growing number of (what I like to call) micro-projects (we are running just over half a dozen at the moment). These projects typically consist of less than a dozen users, often from multiple (sme) organisations, that need collaborative messaging facilities for no more than a few months. Almost seems a waste of money buying a domain name for the year...

Which brings me to Zimbra. The community edition offers all of the essential features that I need to support these groups and, even better, will run more than happily on our old Exchange servers (moving to Exchange 2007 meant ditching the 32bit servers). Given the low volume of users this seems to be an ideal fit and a bargin at the price!

I spent a few hours last night installing Zimbra for the first time on my old laptop (HP Compaq N800v) using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS which, barring a few stumbles, went on without a problem.

I am now the proud owner of a Zimbra single server deployment.

But now I need to make sure I can support it before I consider supporting users in a corporate (quasi-educational too) environment.

Are there any good resources for administering and maintaining a Zimbra server? At the very least I need to be sure I can audit and apply security patches, spam and antivirus definitions as well as create and restore backups: at the moment I'm forwarding mail to another email address just in case

In the past all of the Linux machines I've used had a GUI interface (I know; but I did say I was a Microsoft sysadmin!) so at the moment I'm stumbling over the simplest command line commands. Before you give up on me completely though I am a fairly quick learner and I am more than willing to read up and around the subject - I just need to know where to start.

Many thanks for any assistance you can offer,