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    Default Sub Domain admin

    I know i can have a sub domain and have a user have access to that domain but what if i want him to have access to 2 other domains as well but not all the domains is this possible

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    Welcome to the forums,

    You might vote for / support ticket tag / watch:
    Bug 6965 - Domain groups
    Bug 5254 - Domain Admin can own multiple domains
    Bug 5253 - Domain Admin should be able create sub-domains of the domain of which he is owner

    Again welcome! - Just to orient you a bit:

    Bugs & RFE's (requests for enhancements) can be filed/voted for in Bugzilla & tracked (see priorities & what release their going into) via PMweb.

    The blog has lots of good articles - you might checkout: Open Source Product Management: How do features get into Zimbra?

    Last but definitely not least - the Wiki has all sorts of collective knowledge in it

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