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Thread: Running zimbra on own webserver

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    Post Running zimbra on own webserver

    I have Zimbra 3.0 running on OSX 10.4.4 but would like to run it on my own Apache webserver currently serving up other content. So the main site is, and to access zimbra, the user would go to Is this possible, and what changes do I need to make? If it can be done, how can I stop/start zimbra without the embedded http server since mine will already be running?

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    Just realized that I will still need to keep Tomcat running, but would still like to map zimbra to /zimbra. I can just configure a virtual domain in Apache, is there anything I need to change in zimbra?

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    Did you have a look at htp:// ? There is a trick in there to something almost what you want to do.


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