Hi ,

last week our zimbra mail server collapsed , after that we made it normal system(Desktop-PC) as a zcs-4.5.5 Network Edition zimbra version server(Ldap Replica Single Server Installation). After then i moved zimbra folder to Server and it's working fine(we made some alter). But two more things i am not able to get., i.e.,
1) server statistics showing old desktop pc disk and etc..( not new server contents)
2) backup option missing on admin console

How to overcome those two problem's
our zimbra master ldap server is running with zcs-4.5.10 Network Edition on remote location.
I am not able to upgrade zcs-4.5.5 N/W to zcs-4.5.10 on ldap replica zimbra server(local).

Our main intention is upgrade for zimbra latest version(zcs-5.0.2) on both zimbra master and zimbra replica server's ..

Please we need your help for ASAP ..