One of the many things that impresses me about Zimbra is how they listen to customers, and how their official and unofficial support channels really go the distance to help.

There are a lot of bugs and RFEs in bugzilla, but considering the number of Zimbra admins out there, the number of votes for even the more "popular" bugs seems to me to indicate only a very small percentage of Zimbra system admins actually vote on Zimbra's bugzilla.

I've got 50 votes available on bugzilla, but to date I've only voted for seven bugs.

So, I'm starting this thread to suggest that "If you vote for my bugs, I'll vote for your bugs."

If we start a kind of "bug lobbying" campaign, I think that may help Zimbra better prioritize bugs. Take for example bug #s 6129 and 10585, (which seem to be essentially duplicates).

I've seen a number of ZCS NE users on these forums request per-domain branding capabilities. Well, bug 6129 has a P2 priority, was created for ZCS version 3.2.0, but has only 14 votes, which may go a long way towards explaining why this high priority bug (granted, applicable only to NE users) has not seen a lot of development attention.

Look at bug 19081 as another example. Sure, there's a workaround, but for most end users solving this bug would be much easier to use than the workaround suggested in the bug.

So here's what I suggest:

1. If you want to have an impact on Zimbra's development direction and priorities, register on Bugzilla if you have not already done so.

2. If you have already created bug reports, post the numbers here to ask other Zimbra sysadmins on these forums to vote for them.

I'll start by posting the bugs for which I have already voted:
6129 Themes per domain
10585 set default skin per server and/or virtual host(before login)
11141 Need option to enable auto-complete from shared addressbooks
18746 Enhancement Request to Create a NetSuite Zimlet
19081 right click option to email for 'add appt' or 'add task'
24202 Actions on dragging emails to tabs
26312 not all skins inherit logoURL from _base (lemongrass and waves)
26766 SLES 10 does not properly restart logger resulting in no statistics

Hope that helps!