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Thread: [SOLVED] Adding a second domain

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    Talking [SOLVED] Adding a second domain

    Not too sure where this should be posted so I'll stick this here...

    I have a nice, shiny and above all, a working zimbra installation collecting and sending for my domain

    I am now toying with the idea of offering to host email for a couple of my customers, one who has the domain

    I assume the steps to doing this are as follows:

    1. Tell the customer to get his provider to change the email to a smtp feed.

    2. Get the provider to 'point' (I'm a service company and not an ISP so not too sure of the proper terminology ) the domain to my domain,

    3. The next bit I'm not too sure of. Can I then simply go in through the admin console and add the domain to my server or do I need to do it from the console?

    4. If the answer to (3) is through the console then how?

    I've had a look through the wiki but can't seem to find the answer.

    Any help greatfully appreciated.

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    Well I would do it in this order :-

    1) Add the new domain via the Admin GUI
    2) Create a account for the user
    3) Send a test email to the account, from your own, via ZCS
    4) Have their ISP change the DNS MX record for to point to your ZCS server hostname. Your primary MX will be
    5) Change their mail feed to SMTP
    6) If they have a POP3/IMAP account then you could sync across their emails using this Wiki entry

    Hope that helps.

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    Okay, that works well.

    Last question: Do I need to create a new ham and spam account for the new domain and if so, how?!

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    Nope, they're global
    zmprov gacf | grep zimbraSpamIs

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