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Thread: add alias with zmprov

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    Default add alias with zmprov

    I have over 370 users which I need to alias our secondary email address to primary email address. To accomplish this, zmprov aaa emailaddress aliasaddress is the format, however I do not want to run this command 370 times. I have searched for the syntax for file input and unable to accomplish this. Also need to know how to pull what accounts have alias

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    I have located this article and have used this, however most documents I have located refer to he short name of the command as well which I have not been able to use within the 'zmprov < test.txt' format. The error I was getting I have located to be a failed service on Zimbra. I have stopped and restarted the services changed to 'addaccountalias' to the file and I was able to complete the addition of aliases

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