I'm new to ZCS and this forum so please be kind....

I have installed ZCS OpenSource edition on openSuse 10.3 and I have the following issues:

1. Sending mail to hotmail - I have set-up a smarthost/mailhop with dyndns and successfully managed to send with Exchange 2007 - how can I configure ZCS to send via a smarthost with the MTA? When I try to add the mailhop DNS addr in the admin console it doesn't allow me to save saying something about "value did not match valid values" The dyndns mailhop also *requires* authentication to allow connections

2. Logger message on admin webpage - server status not showing correctly with a message saying logger needs to be running... when I stop/start/show status using zmcontrol it shows the logger running Ok - but what could this be?

I'm trying to migrate/move away from MS Exchange Server 2007 any advice on moving away from MS Exchange, e.g. mailboxes/settings greatfully received

Thanks in advance