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Thread: [SOLVED] URL highlighting not working

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    Default [SOLVED] URL highlighting not working

    URL highlighting not working

    I have one user in our organization using the Zimbra web client who says her hyperlinks/URL addresses in received messages are not highlighting. I double-checked several other users, all running the same version of browser (including myself), and it is working for them. I have triple-checked all her settings and there is nothing that stands out that would cause hyperlinks not to work.

    Here are our specifics:

    Server version: Release 5.0.4_GA_2101.RHEL4_64_20080321130744 RHEL4_64 NETWORK edition

    Client Version: 5.0.4_GA_2101.RHEL4_64
    Client Release: 20080321130744
    Build Date: 20080321-1312

    Browser version: Firefox

    Any ideas?


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    I got this to work by clearing her cache (Tools - Clear Private Data).

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