Hi, I've just installed Zimbra for my company and it works great, however there's one thing I'm not sure if possible with Zimbra. We use Zimbra for all internal e-mails and communications, but since everyone of use already have some external email accounts, so I wonder if I can bind accounts to external email service so when someone wants to send emails to the outside, it automatically uses his/her external mail account to send it.

For example, we have an employee named peter@mcomp.org in the Zimbra, he has an existing email peter@gmail.com, so is there anyway to configure his accounts, so when he sends email within the company to john@mcomp.org in Zimbra, the mail is sent with his zimbra account, but when he sends an email to an outside address bill@hotmail.com, it will automatically send the mail with peter@gmail.com via smtp.gmail.com?