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Thread: fatal: Queue report unavailable - mail system is down

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    Quote Originally Posted by shmiv View Post
    Did anyone ever get a resolution to this?
    There are resolutions to this are all over the forums and wiki but it actually would depend on exactly what your problem is. You haven't given much information about that and whether your installation is new or has been installed for some time and which of the many solutions you've tried.


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    Our installation is approximately one year old. We have a cron job that shuts zimbra down every evening, backs up the zimbra directories, and restarts zimbra. It worked flawlessly until a few weeks ago when we started getting:

    Jul 1 20:08:30 mail postfix/postqueue[14379]: fatal: Queue report unavailable - mail system is down

    A simple restart of zimbra clears the error.

    We have made no changes to the system since install.

    I have not tried any of the solutions, because I have been unable to find a thread that clearly states the problem, remains on track, and clearly presents a solution to the initial issue. I did find two threads that clearly state the same problem as mine, but no solutions are presented. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused.

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