Hi everybody!

My Zimbra installation is on Gentoo (amd64) using chroot on Debian4. As I run Zimbra in chroot environment, i changed Debian's SSH to port 23 and reconfigured Zimbra to use this. Everything works fine -- mail, calendar, contacts... "zmprov status" says that all parts of Zimbra are running.

Everything except one thing -- when I try to examine statistics in "Monitoring" section in "Server Stats" I have a message that says "Server status data not available." and "Server Statistics" shows very strange graphs, it seems it always lost stats: yesterday there was data, but today there's almost nothing. And there's empty graph in "48 hours" section (but yesterday there was real graph with data!)

Sshd (in Debian env) is up. Syslogd (in Debian) is up.

So, what's wrong in my system?