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Thread: Importing mbox to zimbra gives random crash

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    Default Importing mbox to zimbra gives random crash

    Here we go again

    Im migrating from a postfix / dovecot to zimbra.

    zmmailbox -z -m am /ArchivedReceivedEmail /opt/mailback/\

    The old mailboxes have been copied to /opt/mailback so dont get hung up on the wierd path

    It starts importing each mail to the zimbra mailbox and then...after a chokes:

    ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke The [server] failed to respond) (cause: org.apache.commons.httpclient.NoHttpResponseExcept ion The server [] failed to respond)

    Now... this happens randomly. So the process doesnt choke on the same mail every time... its diffrent mails all the time and not just that folder

    Anyone got a clue? Google doesnt seem to be my friend tonite :P
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