I'm currently evaluating the Network edition of Zimbra. The feature list looks good and the installation couldn't have been more straightforward. However, I've hit a snag during account provisioning.

We're a small operation, <50 users, and our local account naming policy is to use first names "gareth", "geoff" etc. Where there's a collision, we add a surname letter, i.e. "alanr".

Our email addresses are of the form "firstname_lastname", so "gareth_marlow". I want to keep the same account naming policy and obviously retain the same email addresses, but to do this, I need to be able to over-ride the "From" address in Zimbra. I've created a gareth_marlow -> gareth alias, and can see that I can also set a "Reply-to" address. Is there any way for me to over-ride "From" though, (via the web client - obviously this is possible from a fat client).