I'm starting to play around with Zimbra, and I like that it has Distribution lists.

However I'm trying to do 2 things with them that might not be possible at this moment. Just to be sure, I'm putting this out there in case someone else has a method to accomplish this.

So I setup a Distribution List in one of my domains, and added 10 people.

I would like to:

- have the FROM or at least a REPLY-TO be for the list name
- add an alias to point _to_ the list
(this is another point- the add alias really is adding a new user.... I don't see how you can add just a raw alias, like a simple sendmail alias)

The next few are feature requests, more in line with a real listserver (but they would be really nice to have):

- toggle to allow only list members to send to list
- insert arbitrary test in the SUBJECT: line

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them... or is it just going to take screwing around with the postfix configuration?