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Thread: (delete-)protect sent mails

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    Default (delete-)protect sent mails


    we would like to prevent normal users to delete mails in the "sent-mailbox".

    (we are not yet sure whether all users of a workgroup should use the same
    user-account/password or if we are going to implement a "shared mbox environment")

    Thank's a lot for any feedback!


    Of corse we had a look a ZAD which would probably solve that problem, but
    Zimbra Archiving&Discovery it's not cheap and - even more important -
    does not yet offer all features we are looking for.

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    By manipulating Postfix it is possible for it to send a copy of all messages to a separate mailbox. Would this be useful to what you are looking to do ? Also, what features do you believe are missing from ZAD ?

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    Thanks uxbod for the reply,

    Concerning ZAD, there are 2 point of views:

    Technical point of view:
    - Deletes(mails) of the ZAD Superadmin are not marked logged (as much as we understand Zimbra Archive and Discovery)
    - Non-disruptive upgrade/downgrade(OSS->NE->OSS) using a simple upgrade key/ RFE 23392

    Legal point of view:
    - Our potential 5000 seat customer(not ISP :-) is not trusting Zimbra Inc totally because, he heard that the ZAD-feature stops to work
    after License expiration (and does therefore not consider ZAD as SOX compliant)

    We understand this customer very much.


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