First of all. Zimbra Rules... I've migrated my 2 sendmail servers to Zimbra and my users appreciate the huge diference.

But we still have some issues. One ot them is that messages in Junk/Trash folder are never purged from users mailboxes.
I've set the Spam message lifetime and the Trashed message lifetime in COS (applied to my users) but these values are never applied/executed. I've checked the logs (maibox.log) for audit information about purging message process but I have no messages!!!
I've set both values to 30 days and since the beginning of January no message was ever deleted!!!

Looking thru the Forum I've came across this post (http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...l-cleanup.html) but my version is 4.5.9 UBUNTU6 OSE. When I've tried to set the zimbraMailPurgeSleepInterval value zmprov said there was no such property.

Can anyone help, please?

Pedro Sousa
Law Faculty of Oporto's University