I've been trying to bring a recent in-spec zimbra 5.05 install (ubuntu 6.06, 4GB system) up to usability.

Things are mostly OK, mod the logger initially not working; I installed the deb pkgs libnet-ssleay-perl & libauthen-sasl-perl as described by a user with a 7.10 installation, and it started working, sort of - the console now offers the server status, tho it's self-described as (data is stale)

(I sent a call in to Support last Friday and got a very snappy robot response, but nothing beyond that.)

However, to the point:

I've added a user to the archiving function, and I can see that the expected account has been created, but what I've really like is to add that archiving function to a distribution list so that everything that hits that list gets archived.

When I try to do this using zmarchiveconfig, I got the following less-than-lucid result:
(test-list@xxx.xxx.xxx.edu is a distribution list that behaves correctly AFAIK)

#zimbra> zmarchiveconfig enable test-list@xxx.xxx.xxx.edu
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
        at com.zimbra.cs.archive.ArchiveSoapProvisioning.enableArchive(ArchiveSoapProvisioning.java:45)
        at com.zimbra.cs.archive.ArchiveUtil.main(ArchiveUtil.java:143)
[the same command operating on a user account returned silently and produced the expected result]

Is this a bug, or are distribution lists prevented from being archived and if so, why? Is there a workaround, using some magic interference with the mail server?

thanks in advance.