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Thread: NE 5.0.5 backup question

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    Default NE 5.0.5 backup question

    Brand new Zimbra server! I installed Zimbra on 8 300GB drives (RAID 10) I have 3 750GB Drives (RAID 5) for backups. Can I just mount that backup drive to /opt/zimbra/backup. Thanks!

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    As this is 4.5.6+ rather than mount/symlink /opt/zimbra/backup you can setup the drives at /mailbackup and set zimbraBackupTarget (easily done from admin console > global settings > backup tab > default backup target)
    Make sure permissions are set so that you can write to the target - always good run a test

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    I like the idea, also we consider to probably mount soon a separate storage as backup storage.

    Do you have any suggestion which would be the highest backup frequency for the zmbackup script (4h?) as incremental in such a case. We do not only want to do it overnight ;-).
    We are talking about ~2000 users and would like to have this as a "frequent as possible" but still speedy method. I know not clear or easy question ;-)

    Just means is there any calculation scheme or advise, or better idea.

    PS: Did somebody ever worked with FAM - (File Alteration Monitor) for a sync purpose
    Zimbra NE - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS : FC SAN

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