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Thread: Mutiple User Email Folder

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH
    Public Folder? Nope. You could do it with a shared IMAP account but this would only be available with an IMAP client, not in the web UI.

    What exactly do you man by shared IMAP account? Is this just another IMAP account that multiple users have the password to, or is there some other functionality I'm missing?


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    Thanks Kev,

    however I have already heard several times that it will be the 'release after next', this will not really appease my Users though when I switch them from OpenXchange to Zimbra on the 21st October!

    After using OX for a year and being rather dissapointed with it as were many of our Users, I want them to be impressed with Zimbra as the few who I have shown it to so far, are.
    The lack of shared IMAP folders will be a minus against Zimbra and believe me, when you are the only OSS and Linux supporter in a company of 50 staff you need all the positive points you can find to stop the brainwashed Windows Users jeering at these technologies!
    So if I can at least give them a vague date as to when this feature will be available then that will keep them quiet for a while!

    If you promise a child a present if they behave, then they generally do so! Unfortunately they may also get a bit spoilt but that's getting a bit deep!

    Thanks for a great product,


    p.s. I have voted already

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    if you are a network edition customer, ask the sales/support team at zimbra. if you're not, i think you've been given your answer already.

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