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Thread: Double Emails Received

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    Default Double Emails Received

    Hey Guys,

    After an upgrade to v5 (zcs-5.0.4) from Version 4, I've noticed that Sending an email to an individual, then cc'ing it to his group will result in the individual receiving the email twice.

    For example sending it to user1@companyname and cc to allusers@companyname will result in user1 receiving the email twice.
    (just assume allusers is a group that user1 is a part of)

    I suppose it's possible to say that I am in fact sending it to user1 twice - once via his own email and another via his group. But the thing is - I did not have this problem in the previous version.

    This could be something as simple as configurations.
    So if anybody could gimme a hand... that would be great.

    Thx Guys.

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    Thx for pointing that out uxbod. I'm relatively sure that my problem is persistant rather than intermittent. But in any case I'll monitor this to be sure.

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