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    Default Change all passwords

    hi guys, i got a zimbra 5.0.5 installed and working fine, but beacuse a policy issue i have to change some passwords on my systems, i want to know how to acopmplish it on zimbra, well ldap, mysql and admin users are easy but i can't find information about this:

    LDAP Replication password
    LDAP Postfix password
    LDAP Amavis password

    also i want to know how to change hostnames on a multi server installation ( i don't have to do it now, i'm just curious) i mean fot instance how to change ldap hostname on my mailbox server or my mta auth server on my mta server, i'll appreciatte any help on this guys thanks

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    If I remember correctly
    su - zimbra
    zmldappasswd -p <postfix passwd>
    changes the PostFix password. If you enter zmldappasswd -? it should show all the possible arguments.

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