Hi Guys,

I've just set up the GA release on a FC4 and everything is running fine.

It's looking really great! However.. ..

I have authentication via External LDAP to our site-wide LDAP servers.

Whilst the external ldap authentication works fine, it requires me to add each account to Zimbra by hand. Is this correct functionality?

e.g. We have ~1200 users in our LDAP, do I need to add each of these accounts one at a time? Ideally Zimbra would read off our internal LDAP servers dynamically, i.e. if we add a new account to our internal LDAP servers, the user will automatically get a mail account in Zimbra. I have seen the batch-provisioning command (zmprov) which uses a text file of usernames, but this would only work at the initial setup stage. After that, we would still need to keep our internal LDAP servers and the Zimbra accounts in sync manually.

Am i going about this the wrong way?

At this point I haven't added the Zimbra LDAP schema to our site-wide schema, but can do so if that is required.

Any instruction on how to make this setup work would be great. I've looked thru the doco and forums but can't find anything relevant.