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Thread: [SOLVED] Tweaking Zimbra's spam and filtering to suit my existing setup

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    Default [SOLVED] Tweaking Zimbra's spam and filtering to suit my existing setup


    Currently I provide IMAP to around 50-60 end users.

    Email comes in through a pair of edge servers, is scanned for viruses and spam and forwarded on to the IMAP server. "Likely spam" is tagged as {Spam?} in the subject line and automagically filtered through procmail into a Spam folder in the users' mailbox when it hits the IMAP server. Outgoing email goes through the same edge servers and is subjected to the same AV treatment (along with automatically appending a disclaimer).

    Realistically, I don't need the antispam filtering on Zimbra at all and to be honest I'd be happier without it because it means I've only got one set of filters to keep on top of.

    So my questions are:

    1. Can I disable Zimbra's antispam filtering?
    2. Can I set up a mail filtering rule which automatically files email with a specific feature (such as a tag in the subject line) into a particular folder?

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    Welcome to the forums

    Yes you can switch of AS/AV in the Admin GUI. You could setup a rule on each users mailbox to file into a separate folder no problem at all using sieves
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    Thanks, uxbod. That's exactly what I was looking for.

    It might be better implementing it that way than through the current mechanism in /etc/procmail anyway because the Zimbra method gives end users the flexibility to change it if they so wish.

    I think I'll leave AV on. That way it'll slow down the spread of anything that does get in.

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