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Thread: Transfer Calendars

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    Default Transfer Calendars

    I have a user that is leaving us and has created a lot of shared calendars. I want to create resource calendars and transfer his information along with his emails. Is there a way to accomplish this and if so what is the best way? We are using zcs-NETWORK-4.5.9_GA_1455.RHEL4

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    What is the purpose of converting the account into a resource? I'm only asking because if you really don't need it to be a resource then I would suggest you just rename this person's account to something generic and then probably change the password for security reasons. I'm pretty sure if you do this all the shares will remain intact. However, if you really need it to be a resource then I don't have an answer for you. Since a resource is a special type of account then I'm not sure if you can use the typical migration tools like imapsync, and importing/exporting of calendars.

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