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Thread: Connect ZCS IM web client to external Openfire server?

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    Default Connect ZCS IM web client to external Openfire server?

    I am wondering if anyone can offer clues as to how I can connect the Zimbra IM webclient to my existing and separate Openfire 3.5 server. I would like to not use the XMPP server (Wildfire) that is internal to Zimbra as it is about 5 revs behind the latest Openfire, and I use plugins to connect my Asterisk phone system to Openfire. As I see it there might be two ways that this could be accomplished:

    1. Find the settings for the web client that connects to Zimbra's local XMPP server and change it to connect to and log into Openfire. I haven't been able to find this so far, though I have searched quite a bit. If this is embedded in the java code (as opposed to in a config file or LDAP), I would probably never fine it (jar files give me a headache).

    2. Configure a Server to Server connection. Since the normal Wildfire admin interface is disabled, I figured to try to do this by directly adding the info to the mysql table jiveRemoteServerConfig. But that didn't work for me. There must be another setting that I am missing (maybe in another table) to enable this function.

    If anyone has clues to either of these, please post it. I would love to try this out. I assume that more refined admin of the IM server and client will be added in future versions of ZCS, but I wouldn't mind trying this now if possible.


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    I would love to know this as well as I have an Openfire server running already that authenticates against Zimbra already We are looking at upgrading Zimbra to the latest version in the next week or so and that would be great.


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    I will second your request also.
    I think this request (bug Bug 19398 - Integration with external IM servers ) relates to that.

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