I seem to be having an interesting issue with the server statistics from the admin console. I am getting graphs for all of my reports just fine, except for the "Last 365 days" report for the server (not system wide) message count. Instead of getting the graph, I am getting the "Data not yet available" picture.

My first thought was that the graphic was not being generated, but it is indeed being made. I have the full host of gifs in logger/db/work, all of which have fresh timestamps. This includes a mta.server-fqdn.Message_Count.gif

So, I decided to inspect the contents of the admin console's page and I noticed it has a link to:

Links for things like the month graph, and the byte count, etc are like:
https://server-fqdn:7071/service/statsimg/mta.server-fqdn.month.Message_Count.gif?rand=0.89324868924595 4
https://server-fqdn:7071/service/statsimg/mta.server-fqdn.year.Message_Bytes.gif?rand=0.654404453825367 3

Note the commas (,) in the link for the year chart. It looks like someone is doing a bad join on some elements in the code.

This is on Release 5.0.5_GA_2201.SLES10_64_20080417002809 SLES10_64 NETWORK edition, but I was also seeing the same behavior in 5.0.4. Has anyone else noted the same problem on this or other platforms?

I have created a bug entry for this at Bug 27664 - Server message count year graphic not displayed, but it doesn't seemed to have received much attention, not that it is exactly a killer issue.