Have some questions about ZCS Archiving as we have been informed that as a public entity we are required to have an e-Mail Archiving/Journaling solution in place for legal 'e-Discovery' rules. First, I do know that we need the Network Version and not the Open Source Edition that we use currently (have a question about migrating to the Network Edition posted in a different thread). On the Zimbra Archiving solution I need to know (I think I know some of these, but need to ask just to be safe :->):

- What is the maximum retention time frame I can use ZCS Archiving for? It is my understanding that for us, we need to retain all incoming and outgoing correspondence for a total of three years. Estimated Disk Storage needed for 50 users?
- Can I transfer the e-Mail archive to a Tape based media for off-site backup?
- Does ZCS Archiving process the calendar data also? It is my understanding that we need to archive that data also for the same amount of time.
- I assume that ZCS Archiving require a separate box. Is that correct?
- Can I archive selective e-mail accounts or can I only archive all accounts?