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Thread: Time off in calendar view, but not in detail view

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    Default Time off in calendar view, but not in detail view

    I have just upgraded to 5.0.5 FOSS edition, and although I see this issue now, I can't say it wasn't there before.

    Anyway, I create most of my calendar events with OSX (10.5.2) iCal using caldav, which works wonderfully, btw. Everything seems to be fine from that perspective.

    However, If I open my account using a browser and go to 'Calendar', all the appt's/meetings are off by 1 hour (they are early by 1 hour). However, and here is the odd part, if I double-click on any appt/meeting to get to the details, the time shown is correct.

    I have attached 2 images that show what I'm talking about.

    Any idea what I can do to fix this?

    It's not a huge deal since most of my scheduling is done via iCal, but, still.

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    Are you in Phoenix (or just in AZ)? I see that event is set to Phoenix time.

    I had an issue with some user's phones that needed to be updated for daylight savings, they put the calendar entries in properly, but changed the timezone on them.

    Stupid DST.

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    Default a

    I'm in phoenix, however, this isn't happening on my phone. This is using Firefox or Safari. I just double-checked the timezone settings on :

    server OS: GMT -7
    zimbra: (GMT-07.00) Arizona
    client os: GMT -7

    I also tested with my other mac with the same problem.


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