Hi folks! I have been reading about Zimbra and now I would like to try it after seeing the type of great community support in these forums. Of course I need to make sure it will actually do what my company needs it to do. Please bear with me.

(i) OpenLDAP is included with Zimbra but we already Novell and Netscape directories in different parts of the company. I think OpenLDAP is only used for account authentication right? So can Novell and Netscape directory servers be complete replacements for OpenLDAP?

(ii) shared calendars and great but for use we really need a shared address book through out the entire company. Preferably even multiple shared address books. Does Zimbra store all address book in MySQL? What if we are using Apple Mail or Thunderbird email clients......can we use the contact information in Zimbra and have it be present in these email clients?

(iii) this is linked to question above. I see GAL in Zimbra. Is this only a address book containing information about Zimbra users on a local server or can other non-company people's information be stored in GAL too?

(iv) Blackberry wireless syncing is listed as one feature on www.zimbra.com site but I did not see it in features pdf file. Is this feature available right now in ver 3.0? We would need to wirelessly sync address book and calendar. Possible?

(v) how stable is SOAP interface to Zimbra? If we want to use it to link it to our accounting system for customer lists.

I look forward to learning about this with you all!