I apologize in advance if I am low on details on these issues, but I am working with a field user, and I am having trouble determining if these problems are a server issue, client issue, or both, and what is causing them.

She getting SOAP errors when using the web client. Specifically it says "Soap Header already exists" It is the same as what is detailed in Bug 23586 <Bug 23586 - "SOAP header already exists" error>. The Bug reports shows that it was verified and is marked as fixed, but I do not see what the resolution actually was.

Also, at the same time she is having issues sending to external email addresses from Outlook 2007 while using the Outlook Connector. I am unsure if this is related. She can send to addresses local to our Zimbra server with no problem, but when she sends something to an external address it attempts to send it, produces no error messages, and simply leaves it in her Outbox. I know everyone will want to see the Connector Log from the client, but I do not have that yet, I am working on getting it and hopefully can post it later today.

Any Ideas? Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for your help!