I'm running ZCS 4.5.10 (Community Edition) on Centos 5.

I restored a backup copy of my /opt/zimbra/ directory on my live server, having broke the original by running zmsetservername on my test server which seemed to make changes to ldap on the live machine.(both machines had the same name at one point).

There were no problems with using the backup - all services started ok, but when I try to view the mail queues, I get a server error:

Message: system failure: exception during auth {RemoteManager: mailserver1.ourcorp.local->zimbra@mailserver1.ourcorp.local:22}
Error code: service.FAILURE
Method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke

When users try to send mail, they get a network service error:
msg - system failure: IOException
code - service.FAILURE
method - ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
detail - soap:Receiver

I've searched for a solution in the forums and the wiki and checked hosts, dns etc but with no joy.

I'd be grateful for any help provided.