Sample situation:
Organization with 200GB worth of files on Linux Samba Server....
16 users at 16 different PCs currently all using the same username and password to access the share on windows pcs....
Organization has hosted webmail elsewhere now... I'd like to get them
to use zimbra as their mail program now or in the future, and see this
as a chance to start using ZimbraLDAP for authentication now, and mail in the future once they are "hooked".

1.From what I have read, the Breifcase feature stores all the webdav accessable files IN the Zimbra data store (that is, as blobs in a mysql db).... is this true?

2.Would I have HUGE performance hurtles if I created 16 unique user accounts, and 1 shared user account, and then put all 200GB of public data files into the shared user account using webdav (drive letter mapped) from windows.... Then setup usernames and passwords to match as local user accounts on each windows machine.... Then setup drive mappings to shared webdav share, as well as a personal wevdav share for each user?

3.Would I be better off integrating samba with zimbra like in the wiki article below:
UNIX and Windows Accounts in Zimbra LDAP and Zimbra Admin UI - Zimbra :: Wiki

Thanks in advance for your input.