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Thread: Openfire and Zimbra populate Buddy list

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    Default Openfire and Zimbra populate Buddy list

    We are using an external Openfire server 3.5.1 with Zimbra 5.0.2. We are using Zimbra LDAP for authentication. It works well. But does anyone know of a fix yet for pre-populating the "buddy list"

    I have read some older posts and someone mentioned that with the new release of 5.0 the LDAP schema might be changed to allow for groups within Openfire.

    Does anyone know how to sync the Zimbra LDAP into another LDAP server with the correct mappings?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am wanting the same thing... there is already a bug report requesting this feature.

    Bug 24213 - RFE: SOAP api or zmprov to allow admins to add buddies

    Hopefully it will get integrated soon... it would be really nice to be able to see everyone in the GAL listed as buddies, for example.

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