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Thread: Restore from backup failed - missing accounts

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    Default Restore from backup failed - missing accounts

    First of all, I'm using zcs 4.5.6 community edition on Debian 4.0. I would like at some point to upgrade to 4.5.11 or 5.0x, but I am dealing with a more immediate problem at the moment.

    Following a restoration from a full backup of /opt/zimbra, I am having a problem where accounts which appear in this output:

    $ mysql zimbra -e 'select id,comment from mailbox'

    Do not appear in "zmprov" followed by "gaa" - only about half of my accounts are present here, and these accounts and several entire domains no longer appear in the admin Web interface. Likewise, messages to these accounts bounce off the server.
    zimbra@server:~$ zmprov gmi
    ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT (no such account:
    zimbra@server:~$ mysql zimbra -e 'select id,account_id,comment,item_id_checkpoint from mailbox where mailbox.comment like "%test%"'
    | id | account_id | comment | item_id_checkpoint |
    | 89 | 5c5ee060-d428-4924-b579-79d94311fe51 | | 1339 |
    How can I restore this Zimbra account info to match up to the mailboxes which are still holding data for the accounts? I would be happy with any solution at all at this point, since I am potentially dealing with a good deal of bouncing email right now. Thanks in advance!

    (Plan B is to recreate all the accounts/domains that show up in the mailbox DB but don't show in the Zimbra interface, and hope to migrate their old data to the new mailboxes.)

    Edit: This thread also describes my problem, but there is no solution given. Just an FYI.
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