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Thread: Briefcase bug in 5.06?

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    Default Briefcase bug in 5.06?

    I have a client who is using one of their Zimbra accounts for document distribution to their board members. This account is used specifically for briefcase functionality so that certain documents can be provided on-demand to specific shareholders (non-employees) around the globe. Prior to 5.06, we had this account setup with only the briefcase feature enabled without any problems. After upgrading to 5.06, this account draws a blank workspace. In order to get the workspace to render properly, you need to have email enabled. No combination of features, short of enabling email for this account would draw the screen properly. Has anybody else had this problem? Can anybody else replicate it? I have enabled email on this account to get the client over this hurdle but, they specifically did not want email access for this semi-public user. I have attached a screenshot of an account I tested with that has all features EXCEPT email enabled for illustrative purposes. Thanks.
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