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Thread: Download/View Attachment Very Slow

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    Default Download/View Attachment Very Slow

    Downloading or viewing attachments using the web client is often very slow. For instance, the user may experience a 45 second delay after clicking on the download link of an email for a 15K attachment before the save dialog appears. The actual process of saving the file is relatively fast.

    I could not find anything indicating a problem in the log.

    I am currently advising users to place the attachment into their Briefcase and then view/download as this is consistently a fast operation.

    We are running 5.0.5 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Our server has dual 3.06 GHz XEON processors with 6GB RAM and 438GB disk storage in a RAID 5 array. There are currently 36 mailboxes.

    Any insight into addressing this problem is appreciated.

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    The problem appears to be related to our Kaspersky anti-virus software. It appears that the request gets hung up in the Anti-Spy and Web Anti-virus components. I have submitted a support request to Kaspersky in hopes of resolving the problem.

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