I have a user that has asked this question. Can someone tell me what causes this? This is a user that is insistent on an explanation and will not stop until I get him an answer.

When downloading PDF documents, the download box pops up and nothing happens until I click on the grayed-out "OK" button then the document seems to immediately download and display.

As an experiment this morning to confirm this phenomenon I let the box sit while I went and got a drink. When I returned nothing had changed. I clicked the grayed-out OK button and it immediately downloaded and displayed.

This seems to occur only with "new" downloads. If you request a download of the same document a second time it downloads immediately with no required action.

XLS, DOC and JPG files seem to download without a problem.

We are currently running zcs-NETWORK-4.5.9_GA_1455.RHEL4, Firefox

Thank You,