Okay, it's just about time to go home so I want to get this down before I leave. I'm playing around with HTML emails and inline images.

On my 5.0.6 OSS, I create an email. I enter in a couple lines of text (or not), and attach a jpg, and tell it to Show images in message body. I see the image in the compose window, add text afterwards (or not), and send.

When I rcv the email, it says that external images are not displayed, and when I click to display them, nothing happens. There is just an icon for a broken image.

What makes this even stranger is, the first time I tried, it worked.. sort of. My first message, the image was visible, but the HTML email the text after the image. Looking at the original, I can see the text in the plain/text version but the HTML is just ended after the <img> tag.

The first message that sort-of worked, also will not forward. When forwarded, the image no longer works.

I don't see any errors in mailbox.log, or any of the other log files in /opt/zimbra/log that have been modified since I tested.

I don't see any bugs to match, it doesn't seem to be 27904

It doesn't seem to be this: Bug 27904 - inline image problem with Firefox

Trying this from my 5.0.2 NE, everything seems to work fine. Does anyone else see this?