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Thread: [SOLVED] SMTP Auth Problems

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    I am having trouble getting my email client to authenticate with the SMTP server from outside my private network. I had changed the communications mode to "mixed". I found the article on updating the "zimbraMtaAuthURL" parameter. It was set wrong, so I ran the "zmprov modifyServer ..." command as described in the article. That fixed the "zimbraMtaAuthURL" to use https. However, it did not fix my problem. I am still unable to authenticate.

    Here are my settings:

    [zimbra@zimbra ~]$ zmprov getServer | grep Auth
    zimbraMtaAuthEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraMtaAuthTarget: TRUE
    zimbraMtaTlsAuthOnly: TRUE

    [zimbra@zimbra ~]$ zmprov getServer | grep Mode
    zimbraBackupMode: Standard
    zimbraMailMode: mixed

    Thanks for any help,

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    Default #$*#$% Isp

    OK. So this issue had nothing to do with Zimbra. Turns out the ISP that I was testing from is blocking outgoing SMTP traffic. I can connect just fine from other networks

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