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Thread: Question About "Scripts to sync to a remote Zimbra backup machine"

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    Default Question About "Scripts to sync to a remote Zimbra backup machine"

    Hello, see i got 2 Machines running Zimbra 5.0.6 in ubuntu 7 everything its working fine.

    I need some help with this scripts:

    Scripts to sync to a remote Zimbra backup machine - Zimbra :: Wiki

    The second machine i have its to be used as "Backup Machine", and i want to backup everything that is on the "Mail Machine" daily.

    We have a lot of users 2500+ increasing Daily.

    Can anyone give help about Step 2?

    Do i have to put all the domains, address and passwords for all the users everytime?

    Is there a way to create the imap_users automatically?

    Thanks in advance

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    My sugestion would be to use DRBD for a hot standby or

    Rsync serverA -> serverB
    stop zimbra serverA
    Rsync serverA->serverB
    restart zimbra serverA

    If serverA goes down you can start serverB (if you can afford losing
    some messages since the last sync) if not go for DRBD


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