we are currently evaluating zimbra and i cant find any information if there is a limit and what would that be, how many users - from different machines - can login into the same account at the same time via webclient and/or imap.


our problem: the mailbox sharing features - in our case for helpdesk mailbox that is monitored by multiple users - is missing global taging. this makes hard to use the mailbox sharing for a helpdesk account. we dont want to have to move the files to subfolders to "show" whats being worked on and not being able to share the whole mailbox with one click doesnt make it better.

so we intend to let our helpdesk people all login to the one account directly from their machines.

which now leaves us with the other problem of not being able to login properly into two accounts from the same browser. the solution posted shortly here dont seem to work for us (new window instead of new tab) and the Firefox Extension mentioned there doesnt show properly in FF 2 on Mac if it's on or off.