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Thread: Change Documents style sheet and templates

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    Default Change Documents style sheet and templates

    I tried this over in Users but got no replies.

    Is it possible to change the style sheet of a page (or pages) in Documents and, if so, how?

    I have a bunch of HTML content which I would like to publish to Documents. As this content already has its own style sheet, I would like to override the default wiki.css.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to change the document template too. While it appears that I can edit Template/_Template in the documents account, this only allows me to change the main content of the page. It doesn't allow me to change the HEAD element, to replace the stylesheet, for example, or to completely restructure the body of the document.

    Also, changes to the templates appear to be limited to the global documents account or the domain documents account. I would like to be able to make these kind of changes per document, per folder, or per user.

    Any thoughts? Am I asking too much of Zimbra Documents?



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    I see a file located at:


    I imagine you can edit this file to make the changes you want.. but keep in mind that when you upgrade your changes will be overwritten. I don't expect there would be a way to do this on a per-user/etc basis.

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