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    Default Distribution List Persona

    Hi Guys,

    I've been finding that I like to have aliases point to multiple people. But, since that doesn't work, I have to use distribution lists. But, because I use distribution lists, the users cannot become that alias, unless I enable the "Allow sending email from any address" option.

    It would be nice if the Distribution Lists had check box that would allow people to have a person pointing to that distribution list. Alternatively, you could also have a list of users that are allowed to have a persona for that distribution list.

    Example of when this could be used. Say you have, and there are multiple people that are in the helpdesk. Well, they can't become "" unless they are given the permission "Allow sending email from any address".

    Any thoughts?

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    Maybe a work-around for this is to have a single user with the helpdesk alias for their own account, create a filter so that helpdesk emails are stored in a separate folder, and then share this folder to the appropriate users?
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