Good day all! I'm hoping someone might have a moment to help a brother out. This is my first post on a Zimbra forum, so please be gentle with me if I have forgotten to mention anything. I will be happy to follow up with more info when asked.

I'm running ZCS 4.5.8 on Redhat.

I ran the following zmprov commands in an attempt to redirect all mail for to a new mail server (an external mail server) that had recently been defined in a set of new MX records. This was done for this domain only (Zimbra presently is serving as mail server for multiple domains).

The commands run are as follows:


md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress

md zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress

md zimbraMailTransport

After realizing this did not work as I had hoped, I ran the following command in an attempt to restore mail delivery to the Zimbra server (as was the case in it's original state)"

zmprov md zimbraMailTransport

No joy there - To date I have a continuous stream of deferred messages. I wish to return this server to it's original configuration for mail delivery for this domain (read: delivering mail to the correct domain mailboxes on this Zimbra server itself).

After restoring things back to whence they came, I need to know what commands to run to do this correctly in the future.

Thanks in advance!