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Thread: [SOLVED] Documents broken? (5.0.6)

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    Default [SOLVED] Documents broken? (5.0.6)

    Yesterday I have upgraded 5.0.5 to 5.0.6, everything went well.

    Today I have decided to follow this post:

    I have had some problems with Briefcase for ages and this seemend to be what I was after. I have followed every step and I can confirm my Briefcase works as it should.

    Now. My Documents are broken!

    By clicking on the documents I get this error:

    Number expected

    name: TypeError
    message: Number expected
    number: -2146823287
    description: Number expected
    msg: Number expected

    I don't know if this happened after upgrade or not, I haven't really accessed Documents since, only now.

    I can see the documents which were in the root, but I am not able to see any notebooks on the left hand side.

    Please, can anybody help?

    Many thanks.

    Oliver's personal blog

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    Hi everybody,

    I am going to answer my own post.

    Yes, what I have described I am still experiencing. However, only in IE7.

    Just tried Firefox 2.x and everything works as it should. Version 5.0.5 worked fine in IE7, however there are issues now with 5.0.6 and IE7.

    I am relieved now!

    So if you are using IE7 and 5.0.5 I do not recommend to upgrade - yet.

    Oliver's personal blog

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