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Thread: Calendar - Unable to change time on accepted appointment.

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    Default Calendar - Unable to change time on accepted appointment.

    I have searched the forums and bug reports but I am unable to find the same problem that we are expereincing. So if I missed another report of this issue. Sorry.

    A user receives an appointment from another user outside of our company zimbra server and accepts the appointment as is. The appointment post to the calendar correctly but the user is unable to drag or edit and change the appoint to another time.

    Version: NE 5.0.6

    Thanks for any help.

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    I don't know that's a Zimbra thing, but when someone else schedules a meeting, I'm not able to edit it. That's the behavior I would expect, unless I'm the organizer.

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    I believe you are correct when you say it is a zimbra thing but unfortunately that does not meet everyones needs. There are times that you have to adjust meeting times or add notes to the meeting request. I guess I am saying that it would more of nice feature. You are able to do that with most other email systems such as exchange and groupwise.

    Than you for your input.

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