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Thread: Shared Contact Groups cannot be edited

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    Lightbulb Shared Contact Groups cannot be edited


    I recently upgraded from 5.02 to 5.06 (Ubuntu 6.06, NE) and I've noticed the following behaviour:

    We have a shared address book which contains a number of contact groups.

    If the "owner" of the address book adds further contacts to the contact group everything works fine.

    If one of subscribers of the address book adds contacts, they just get discarded, no error message on screen or in the logs. The subscribers are all "Managers" of course, ie have the permissions to edit.

    I've had user complaints that this was flawed in 5.02 already ... though with this version sometimes the list would save. With 5.06 it definitely doesn't work at all.

    Also I've noticed that there seems to be a quote-character escaping problem. When I add "\"Name\"" <> the escaping slashes seem to multiply after every edit. It probably tries to escape the \ as well.

    The latter isn't so bad but the first feature/bug is a bit annoying. Should I file a bug report?

    If anyone has an idea how to fix this I'd be in eternal gratitude


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    Pretty sure you are describing a bug my company reported a while back. Check it out:

    Bug 27680 - Address book Manager Sharee unable to edit contact group

    The report show this as fixed in the upcoming 5.0.7 release

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